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Srinivas Papers Pvt Ltd

Srinivas Papers was established in 1989 being appointed Authorised Dealers of erstwhile Bhadrachalam Paperboards Ltd. (now ITC Ltd., PSPD)

The leading dealers in Western India Region for ITC-PSPD for their products from Bhadrachalam, Tribeni, Bollaram & Kovai dealing in their value-added products, offering excellent services along with technical inputs and solutions to converters as well as print buyers.

Srinivas Papers is known for its dedicated marketing team who is always on the move offering the best possible service to its customers. Efficient back-office staff operates till extended hours to give prompt replies to all queries and requirements. Warehouses are well equipped to deliver the goods on time.

Srinivas Papers Impex LLP

Established in 2005, Srinivas Papers Impex LLP has positioned itself as a key player in the paper trading sector with a focus on comprehensive customer service throughout India. Specializing in the importation of paper, paperboard, non-tearable paper, and premium specialty products, the company sources its diverse range from esteemed suppliers in Scandinavian countries and South East Asian nations representing and working with several industry leaders such as Metsa Board, Fedrigoni Arconvert, Gmund Papier, Marubeni, KPP Antalis to name a few.

Beyond its domestic operations, the company has successfully expanded its reach to over 6 countries through exports and is poised for further growth by venturing into the export market with products sourced from domestic paper mills. This strategic move underscores the company’s commitment to fostering the nation’s paper industry on the global stage.

With a dedicated team of 15 professionals, Srinivas Papers Impex LLP operates warehouses in three strategic locations. Each warehouse is equipped with state-of-the-art sheeting and slitting facilities, ensuring the efficient handling of imported and domestic paper products.

In a significant partnership, the company has entered into a comprehensive C&F agreement with the Polyart group, a reputable French company. This collaboration is designed to facilitate market penetration across Pan-Asia, showcasing Srinivas Papers Impex LLP’s commitment to international collaboration and its strategic approach to expanding its market presence.

With its robust portfolio, experienced team, and strategic alliances, Srinivas Papers Impex LLP stands as a reliable and forward-thinking entity in the dynamic world of paper trading, poised for sustained growth and excellence.

MN International

Established in 2007, MN International has solidified its position as a key player in the distribution sector, specializing in Self-Adhesive Paper, Adhesives, and Inks. With a dedicated team of 20 professionals, the company brings a wealth of knowledge, particularly in the intricate realm of printing inks.

Headquartered in Mumbai, MN International strategically operates from a factory cum sales office in Vapi, further enhancing its regional presence. Originating as experts in Ink Matching, the company displayed strategic foresight by venturing into the manufacturing of water-based inks tailored for the flexographic printing industry in 2021. This evolution underscores MN International’s commitment to innovation and adaptability in meeting the dynamic demands of the market.

MN International’s sales reach is strategically segmented, covering the Mumbai and Vapi regions for Self-Adhesive labels and Adhesives, and extending pan-India for inks. The company proudly represents industry leaders such as Avery Dennison for Self-Adhesive products and Arofine, HB Fuller for its Adhesive business. Furthermore, MN International manufactures inks under its own distinguished brand, Aquatica Inks, solidifying its presence in the printing solutions landscape.

With a robust history, an expert team, and strategic partnerships, MN International stands as a reliable and forward-thinking entity in the field, poised for sustained growth and prominence in the competitive market.

SRP Print & Pack Substrates

Established in 2017, SRP Print & Pack Substrates has swiftly established itself as a notable player in the industry. Specializing in the trading of high-quality recycled paper boards, showcasing a commitment to excellence in its product offerings.

Diversifying its operations, SRP Print & Pack Substrates manages a robust C&F facility on behalf of ITC PSPD in Vapi. This strategic collaboration adds a layer of efficiency to its operations and contributes to the seamless distribution of ITC PSPD products.

In a significant move towards vertical integration, the company has ventured into the manufacturing of paper bags, catering to both the domestic and export markets. The fully integrated manufacturing setup includes a printing machine, three bag-making machines, and handle-making machines. Strategically located in Vapi, the facility’s geographical advantage enhances logistics and distribution capabilities.

With a dedicated team of over 25 professionals, SRP Print & Pack Substrates embodies a commitment to quality, efficiency, and innovation. This multifaceted approach positions the company as a dynamic and reliable player in the industry, poised for continued growth and success.

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